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Announcements may be made to Bb Vista users following these general guidelines:

  • Announcements will be added by Bb Vista Administrators from ELC
  • Announcements must pertain in some way to Bb Vista usage.  Examples:
    • Planned or unplanned Bb Vista outages
    • Other outages that may affect Bb Vista usage
    • Bb Vista bugs that could affect a large number of users
    • Other technology issues that may affect Bb Vista usage (e.g., Internet security)
  • Delivery of announcements will be targeted to those roles affected (e.g., Students or Instructors only, All roles, etc.); note that almost all users are students in TIPS
  • Delivery of announcements will be targeted to specific levels in the Institution hierarchy if possible (e.g., NAU-Institution or Anthropology or BIO-300)
  • When possible, an expiration date will be set so that the announcement will disappear automatically at a set date
  • Pop-ups will only be used when the issue is deemed urgent and time-sensitive (e.g., a recent unexpected outage); others will not be sent as pop-ups (e.g., "Students: Can't Find Your Class in Vista?")
  • ELC Bb Vista Admins will monitor Campus Announcements and will remove irrelevant announcements as needed
  • Should any conflicts arise (e.g., should ELC Vista Admins refuse to post an announcement), final decisions regarding the posting of announcements will be made by the Director of ELC
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