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This is the manual procedure that is taken to migrate sections from CE over to Vista 4. No more then 30 sections should be moved at one time due to some WebCT Issues.

  1. Have ELC export the sections using the CE Admin GUI.
  2. SSH to
  3. Goto /webct/webct/webct/generic/admin/exported_packages/
  4. SCP Everything here to replacing the date. You may have to create the destination folder first.
  5. Remove everyting in /webct/webct/webct/generic/admin/exported_packages/ after you have verified the scp worked.
  6. mv /vista/vista4_migration/YYYYMMDD/export_migration_<TIMESTAMP>.xml $VISTA_HOME
  7. cd $VISTA_HOME
  8. Edit export_migration_<TIMESTAMP>.xml
  9. Remove the first full group entry from <group> to </group>
  10. Update the of the next group's relationship to be Vista_4_migration.category
  11. Save file
  12. Run ./ ims import courses export_migration_<TIMESTAMP>.xml /vista/vista4_migration/YYYYMMDD/
  13. Wait for a long time!
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