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How to clone the Vista database from production to sysprep

  1. Shutdown the sysprep Vista instance
  2. Ask the DBA's (submit SOS to DBA team) to clone the DB
  3. After the clone is complete, start vista back up
  4. Login as serveradmin to adjust branding settings to make sysprep visually different than production
    1. Change top frame background color to #FFC500
    2. Change top frame text color to #000000
    3. Change home area name to My Test Vista
    4. Override those settings and save
    5. Go to content manager and change the body background color in style.css to #FFC500
    6. Go to content manager and edit NAU-inst-new.html to remove the guest login and maintenance log links from bottom of page
  5. Login as serveradmin to restrict cas authenticated users to support groups only
    1. Under settings for CasAuthenticationModule-AUTHORIZED USERS/GROUPS, enter "Vista Support, Vista Testers" which will restrict cas logins to members of those groups
    2. Change The address to the CAS login page:
    3. Change The address to the CAS Service Ticket validator :
    4. Change The address for the CAS URL for Vista:
    5. Change The address to the CAS Proxy Ticket validator:
    6. Save settings
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