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Vista Guest Accounts

  1. Guest accounts will all get records in the override batabase (vista_member_info). The expire_ts will be used to determine when they are to be deleted from the OrDb and thus from Vista.
  2. The vista guest tool will not be used by instructors any longer, unless we find a need. ELC doesn't feel like there's a need right now. This can be re-enabled if need be.

Override DB:

  1. "expire_ts" field in base tables for data source "NAU-PSSIS" should not be populated.  An expire_ts in a "vista_member_info" or "vista_enrollment_info" record having a data source id other than "NAU-PSSIS" that has passed, means that member/enrollment gets removed from Vista and removed from the base OR DB table.  To delineate an opted-out course, override the expire_ts using "vista_override_info".  
  2. "expire_ts" dates take effect ON the date that is specified. e.g. If an enrollment is set to expire on 2009-01-01 then ON Jan 1, 2009 00:00:01 the enrollment will be expired.
  3. We will not override ROLE or SUBROLE for changing the role/subrole of an enrollment, instead the "status" of the current role will be overridden to 0 and a new record will be inserted in VISTA_ENROLLMENT_INFO indicating the newly desired role.  This way, the enrollment state (both former and current), is reflected in the OR DB and the PS feed can properly update the enrollment state.

New Feed (02/2009):

  1. Incompletes (in original course):  end date gets pushed out far enough for student(s) to make up the incomplete.  All other students get unenrolled from the class via override records with and "expire_ts" of 2 weeks plus the pushed out end date.
  2. End date is stored in "vista_group_info" OR table as the end date in PS.  Feed logic stores end date in Vista as PS end date plus 2 weeks. 
  3. "emplid" is now a populated column in OR DB table "vista_member_info".  No more LDAP round trips required to map "uid" to "emplid".


  1. Cumulative Decisions (since 28-Nov-2005)
  2. Portal Channel (Vista Courses, side by side on learning tab)
  3. Phase II Accounts (LDAP, guest, building, deleting, roles)
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