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Attendance: Don Carter, Chris Gray, Dan Stoffel, Wally Nolan, Larry MacPhee, Ed Smith, Georgia Michalicek (phone)

Acronym: LMS

Dan posted student/instructor end-user requirements.  

We discussed when we might want to go with a larger committee.  Don thought we should not go campus-wide yet, but may want to include some instructors who have quite a bit of experience with Vista and perhaps some other systems.

Other factors include whether we look at Outcomes, Content, etc.

Georgia: May want to do deeper research first on alternatives, and what the end-user requirements are.  

Larry: May want to set the baseline at where Vista is right now, since people will not want to regress on features.

Don: Perhaps do a survey about the current tool (Vista), and gauge reactions to what works and doesn't work for them.  Georgia noted that the faculty survey did not get a great deal of response.  May want to follow up with some focus groups.  Don: Start with a survey of current Vista surveys, following up on the Vista transition. Would want to ask what else they have used.  Larry: Break down Vista's feature set into components, and ask how well they work, and/or how important they are, etc.  Perhaps some focused follow-up with people who have used other systems.  Don will pull up the previous survey to see what we asked, and will work with Sue Pieper to design a new survey.

Tentative timeline: 

  • October - December 2008: Investigate what other schools are doing, if they're using those systems to teach courses, and possible survey their faculty about features so that we have more than anecdotal evidence.  Especially investigate those who have transitioned from Vista to something else.
  • Spring 2009: University-wide NAU survey of instructors & students
  • Spring 2009: NG 9 Available
  • Spring 2010 (question) : NG 10 Available
  • June 30 2010: Current NAU License Expires
  • October 2012: End of Vista Support

Working backward:

  • Summer 2011: All sections taught on new LMS
  • Spring 2011: Last new sections taught on Vista (question)
  • Summer 2010: Pilot of New LMS
  • Summer 2010: Chris Gray is outta here (question)
  • Spring 2010: Dan deletes Bethany's grades in PeopleSoft
  • Fall 2009/Spring 2010: Final Decision on New LMS

Don and Georgia: Pull up old survey, start designing new survey

Larry & Dan: Try to find comprehensive list of what other schools are using/doing (Educause, WCET, Sloan, ?)

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