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Migrate JMS (Vista 4.2)


There is no way to force a migration from the console as in previous versions. The only known method to migrate JMS is to shutdown the nodes on which JMS currently resides

How to determine where JMS lives

  1. Go to the weblogic console for the cluster that you're interested in and login
  2. Expand the Environment node in the Domain Structure area on the left of the page
  3. Click on servers
  4. Click on one of the managed nodes in the main frame
  5. Click on the monitoring tab and then the JMS tab
  6. If the JMSServers Current Count field has a number (should be 2) then this is the managed node that is currently running JMS, if the number is 0 then it is not.

What to look for in the admin server's WebCTServer.timestamp.log

What to look for in the destination's WebCTManagedNode***.log:

Migrate JMS (Vista 4.1.1)

You can migrate the JMS(Java Message Service) using the WebLogic console by following these steps.


This appears to not work with the current version of Vista. JMS will migrate but it will cause functionality to be lost or the cluster to become unstable until a full shutdown/restart can be done.

  1. Login to the console located at http://<admin node>:88/console
  2. On the left expand Servers
  3. Then click on the first node
  4. The on the right click Control and then JMS Migrate
  5. Under Destination server select which node you would like to send the JMS process to.
  6. Then click Migrate
  7. Check the webct.log on the node you are transfering from and you should see "Recieved notification from JMS that the current JMS Server/Connection is down" followed by "Reconnect to JMS SUCCESSFUL using jms destination" as soon as the other server is running JMS.
  8. Check the weblogic.log on the admin node and you should see "Migration Task (Migration of WebCTManagedNode(A,B) (migratable to WebCTManagedNode(B,A) - Activation succeeded."
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