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The "override database," is an NAU developed Oracle database, designed to handle exceptions where PeopleSoft (PS) is not the authoritative source for members, enrollment or group information in the Learning Management System (LMS).  Such PS exceptions could include:  students from a past term making up an incomplete in a current course, faculty members who need read access in a current course as they are scheduled to teach the course in the future, opening a BbLearn course before the PS start date, department chairs who need access to department courses as they wish to observe how courses are taught, rolling up courses outside of PS into 1 LMS shell, etc., etc. 

All data in the override (OR) DB is reflected in the LMS.  Data in the override DB is a combination of PeopleSoft data, which is fed directly into the OR DB, with any "overrides" or exceptions overlaid on top of that data.  The 3 base tables are "vista_member_info" (people), "vista_enrollment_info" (people enrolled in sections) and "vista_group_info" (sections, courses, groups).  Table "vista_override_info" overrides records in any of these 3 base tables.  A history table, "vista_override_info_history" logs all transactions recorded in "vista_override_info."

Any data item in the OR DB can be overridden.  Data items which are currently overridden include:

  • vista_group_info:  begin_date, end_date, short_description, long_description, full_description, rollup_id, expire_ts
  • vista_enrollment_info:  status, restrict, expire_ts
  • vista_member_info: expire_ts (although no overrides currently exist; 01-29-16)

A cross referencing table, "lms_or_fields_info" restricts what columns, on what tables, can be overridden.

Several tables exist for maintaining the LMS course life cycle (BbLearn in the present case).  These tables are:

  • lms_group_events: which stores distinct events which occur over the life cycle of an LMS course
  • lms_group_event_log_info:  which contains a log of actions which have been taken regarding the deletion of an LMS course.  Such events include:  emailed the chairs regarding the deletion of the course, emailed the faculty regarding deletion of the course, unenroll and delete a courses's enrollment, the actual section deletion
  • vista_dept_chair_info:  holds department chair contact info for any given department prefix (ANT, CENE, ENG, MAT, etc), for chair email notifications

With the advent of new LMSs coming into existance, the concept of a group destination has been introduced.  Table:  "vista_group_destination_info" now determines which LMS hosts the specific group (course/section).  A group referencing table:  "lms_group_info" contains a list of the current LMSs.  The  specs for adding multiple feed destinations to OR DB schema are here .

Several other supporting tables exist.  For details, check:

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