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Vista accounts are periodically, (currently 1/day), reviewed for deletion criteria.  If an account meets the deletion criteria, 3 steps are taken:  1) the account is removed from Vista, 2) the LDAP Vista host entry is removed from LDAP and 3) the personal record from the override DB table "vista_member_info" is deleted.

Any Vista account holder who has a for credit class listed in the course list will NOT be deleted.  In order to be deleted, the user must have an "outdated" LDAP primary affiliation of one of the following:   former student, degree completed, applicant, housing applicant, previous staff, previous faculty, no affiliation or not in LDAP; and the user's course list cannot have any courses except zero credit courses.  Even in cases where a user has only zero credit courses, if their affiliation is "degree completed", they will not be deleted.  However, if a user has an LDAP affiliation of "degree completed" and their only course is "TIPS", they will be deleted. 

The main  population this rule set is designed for are admitted students who end up not attending NAU.  But, as old courses are retired off of Vista and thus courses drop off the user's course list (myVista), more deletion candidates will emerge.

Source code for removing user accounts reside on oleadmin at:  /home/ldap/accounts/<env>, under  A shell script, purge_accounts.ksh, is called by crontab and invokes the script.

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