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A couple of time per year we should delete the TIPS class and create a new one so that we can free up all of the users that would otherwise be garbage collected.

The basic procedure is

  1. Unenroll everyone from the old TIPS section
    1. The easiest way is to use Oracle to set the DELETE_STATUS to 1 in the member table for the current TIPS learning_context_id
  2. Create new TIPS section
  3. Copy content from the old tips section
  4. Update the shell script on prd1 /root/runtime/tips to the new sourcedid_id for the newly created section
  5. Run the TIPS enroll job to get all of the students into the new section
  6. Enroll the TIPS instructor, Georgia and the TIPS TA into the new section as instructors and designers
  7. Change the sourcedid_id to the new TIPS course in scripts "" and "" on prd1, /home/ldap/accounts
  8. The last step is to delete the old tips section and everything should be good to go
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