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Vista weblogs

Each node of the Vista cluster generates webserver logs that log the requests sent to the webserver.

Each node generates many logs per day and each day they are combined into one log per server and archived onto a shared drive where the are they combined together into a single web log for the Vista cluster. This combined log is then sent to the server to be analyzed by AWstats which is managed by the MENSA team.

Processing steps

  1. Each day a script is run on each vista node that combines the many web logs from that day into a single weblog
    1. The script /home/vista/weblogs/bin/ is run daily from each node which concatenates all of the web logs for the server it is run on together and then runs the rotateLogs script which archives all of the Vista logs from the previous day.
    2. This script then copies the concatenated log to a working folder within alfresco.
  2. Each day adminprd runs a script that interleaves the log from each Vista node into a combined sequential web log
    1. The script /home/vista/weblogs/bin/ is run daily after the scripts from each node complete, this job combines the node logs together into a cluster log and FTP's the combined file to the server for processing.
    2. The script also copies the combined log to a directory on Alfresco so that it can be accessed later if need be

      These web logs have been extremely useful to have on hand for investigating issues that come up

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