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Strategic Planning

The first document is one we try to update and use occasionally when asked what services we provide (to justify our existence or staffing levels). The second file is a summary of our area we prepared using the first document for an audit. Also, every year ITS has to turn in a strategic plan to ABOR. I had one uploaded here, but the right thing to do later is to point to where the final ones are stored. Also, we began turning in a risk assessment each year starting in 2009.

PAIR Master List for Academic Computing

This report goes once a year to PAIR. Typically, Paul Wagner, Heather Bell, and Chris Gray can collect the numbers needed. It ends up on a larger report that goes to ABOR.

Campus Computing Survey

This is KC Green's campus computing survey that we fill out each year. We've participated for at least 15 years. The survey is now done online at

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