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Campus Computing Survey 2008

These are some quick highlights from the survey that I thought were interesting.

Top IT concerns

Network and data security was generally the top for IT departments but at a lower percentage than previous years. Schools listing this as their top concern was 30% in 2005 and is down to 20.3% in 2008.

Hacks of campus networks, widespread virus outbreaks and spyware infestations are all down dramatically from 2005 while theft of computers with confidential data is up. Also breaches on servers that aren't under the control of central IT are up.

Interestingly, public universities ranked hiring/retaining IT staff as their #1 concern and across all sectors this was the #2 concern not far behind network security.

Emergency Notification

94.5% of institutions have some form of emergency notification system and 75.6% utilize text messaging. Most (~80%) have opt-in policies for the emergency notification.

IT Budgets

All sectors are reporting cuts in IT budgets, but at a lower rate than 2003-2004. Nearly 50% of public institutions are reporting budeget cuts.

Leraning Management Systems

LMS Adoption rose again in 2008 with 55% of classes in public 4-yr colleges using an LMS. Blackboad is still dominant but has fallen since since 2006, campus use of Moodle and Sakai have gone up from 10% to 13.3%, and use of Angel and Desire2Learn have increased as well. Sakai and Moodle are showing nearly equal market share for most sectors, sakai has 2:1 advantage for public research universities and moodle has a 5:1 advantage at private 4-yr schools.

Open source and SaaS (Software as a Servcie)

Campuses with a high likelihood of migrating to open source by 2013

~25% Learning Management
~13% Content Management
<5% Student Info System, Finance, HR, Research Mgt, Development

SaaS was slightly lower overall except in public research universities where they were very unlikely to use the SaaS option.


Student email was given the highest priority for outsourcing and it's priority jumped significantly from last year.


Students have, on average, 2.6 email addresses and only 35% consider their .edu email address to be their primary account

40%-50% of schools are outsourcing student email and 10%-20% are outsourcing faculty/staff email.

Google has the highest market share but in all sectors other than private research universities Microsoft is only about 8%-10% behind Google while Zimbra is trailing far behind.

About 10% of campuses are oursourcing help desk services.

Classroom tools

45%-65% of schools have licenses antiplagarism software
5%-7% of classes used classroom clickers in 2008 and their use has been rising for the past 4 years
35%-50% of campuses other than community colleges have ePortfolio services and their availablility has more than doubled over the past 4 years

Web 2.0

25%-35% of schools have a facebook page and about that same number have presence in second life

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