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This documentation will show you how to create a thumb drive to connect to the DeployStudio server, How to run a workflow, best practices, and troubleshooting steps

  1. Creating the DeployStudio thumbdrive
    You will need a thumb drive with 8 gigabytes or storage or larger
    the dmg file to create the thumbdrive can be found on \\\ITSS-DCIS\DeployStudio
    To create the thumb drive using disk utility select the usb, click edit, select restore, then select image and choose the DeployStudio dmg. For best results restore the image to a partition of the drive

  2. Launching DeployStudio

    1.   Prerequisites
      Connected to an ethernet jack *a thunderbolt or usb-c adapter that is joined to diamond will suffice
      Make sure the Mac can receive an ip address of 134.114.*.*
    2. When using the Network Registration Tools on Diamond check Active Directory(AD) to see if the newly registered hostname does not already exist. THE NETWORK REGISTRATION TOOL CAN REUSE HOSTNAMES. If the computer object is still in use, stop and recreate the machine’s entry in Diamond. If the object does not exist in AD create the computer object in the proper location.

  3. Boot the mac and hold down the option key
    Select the DeployStudio thumb drive

  4. Choosing and running the proper workflow
    Once DeployStudio has booted properly you will be shown a list of available workflows that you can run the most common workflow that can be used for an generic OSX installation is Mac Base Image for standard machines and Mac Base Fusion for a Mac that is equiped with a Fusion Drive. Some areas have custom workflows that include additional software and should only be used in their respective areas such as School of Communication and the School of Music.
    To start a workflow either select the workflow you wish to run and press the play button at the top left of the window or double click on the workflow
    Workflow: Mac Base Image and Mac Base Fusion
    Workflow: School of Communication Base Fac-Staff and Fusion
    Workflow: Mac and Win10, Mac and Win 8.1

  5. Troubleshooting steps
    1. If you get an error such as "server is unreachable" make sure that you are receiving a 134.114.*.* address
    2. If you receive an error such as "error accessing the repository" reboot the machine and if the error persists put in a ticket to DCIS through service-now
    3. If a workflow seems to hang or not progress at all check the top left corner to see if the play button needs to be pressed for the image to progress, then check the top right corner of the window to see if there is disk or network activity
    4. If all else fails please submit a ticket to DCIS through service-now

  6. Submitting a ticket
    If you experience any issues and need to submit a ticket for DeployStudio please include the last 5 lines of the log file from the DeployStudio runtime environment
    1. The log window launches at the start of the DeployStudio boot and can be seen just behind the Workflow Selection window

  7. Requesting a new image or custom workflow
    To request a new image or custom workflow submit a ticket to DCIS through service-now
    If requesting a new image please include a list of required software, any custom settings that need to be applied, and any user preferences that need to be configured
    If requesting a new workflow please include what components such as packages, scripts, and features that need to be included
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