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Complete Guide for installing Dentrix G6, Dexis, and Dexis Integrator for Dentrix.

Installing Dentrix G6

  1. Map a drive to \\\Common (file:///\\\Common)
  2. Go to \\\Common\Installs\Dentrix G6.2
  3. Right Click Setup and choose Run as Administrator (The setup take a while to load and pre-check the system)
  4. Enter the Dentrix Server FQDN ( HPRDENTALSRVR.UCC.NAU.EDU )
  5. The install will begin
  6. Install will start installing 3rd Party software ( Adobe, Office Addins)
  7. it will try to install Adobe Reader if it hasn't been installed, or it will prompt for user interaction if a new version is found, please follow the prompts to continue.
  8. Launching addin installer.
  9. Retrieving office addin
  10. It will prompt you to install the DTX_LMAddin.vsto, click install button.
  11. After it finishes installing the Addin, it will prompt to be closed, click the close button.
  12. This is optional ( No, I don't wish to participate ).
  13. Install has been completed, continue to begin upgrades.
  14. Open Appointments ( It will be found on the desktop) , it will begin to check for updates, it may prompt you for install(s).
  15. After all the installs have completed, reopen Appointments, it will begin to check for updates, it may prompt you for install(s).
  16. Reopen Appointments, it will prompt you for the data passphrase. (NAU1899dental$)
  17. It will prompt you with Software information, click close.
  18. Enter Admin User ID and Password. (STF8,1212)
  19. If the appointment book loads. The installs and upgrades have completed.

Installing Dexis

  1. Map a drive to \\\data (file:///\\\data)
  2. Go to '?':\Download\
  3. Right Click da943US.exe and choose Run as Administrator
  4. Follow prompts:
  5. Accept the terms of licensing.
  6. Default install location.
  7. Default DATA folder. Click browse and change the location to \\\data

  8. Begin installation.
  9. You may be prompted for driver install(s).

  10. Installation has been completed.
  11. Launch Dexis (Icon is located on desktop) to verify installation.

Installing Dexis Integrator for Dentrix

(Troubleshooting) If you modify the Dentrix installation and the integrator stops working run the repair installation option on the integrator installer.

  1. Map a drive to \\\DATA, if not mapped already. (file:///\\\Data)
  2. Now to install the Dexis Integrator for Dentrix. Go back to the mapped drive for DATA and navagate to the 'Download' folder.
  3. Run the installer for the latest Dexis Integrator for Dentrix (DentrixIntegrator 3.1.2.exe).
  4. Follow install prompts:
  5. Accept the terms of licensing.
  6. Verify the installation path for Dexis.
  7. Continue installation
  8. The install for Dexis Integrator for Dentrix is complete.


Dexis Download Site