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PeopleSoft Tools Remote Update by GPO


GPO that Installs PeopleSoft Tools Application from Administrative Network Install

  • Requested automated install of PeopleSoft Tools.
  • Updates for PeopleSoft Tools are quite frequent approx. 7 or more per Year.
    • Manual process for users required support to touch each users computers often during the year.


GPO Methodology

  1. The GPO is only to affect a specific Group of Users.
    1. The GPO is not to affect a Specific Group of Users within the main Group.
    2. The Script and required files are located in the NAU domain \Sysvol folder for the GPO.
  2. The GPO follows the manual procedures required to install the tools.
    1. The installation files are located in a network share specific to the version of tools to be installed.
    2. The application is an Administrative installation created by PeopleSoft managers.
      1. It is run from the network through a mapped drive for the specific version of the tools.
  3. The GPO uses the User Configuration, Preferences, Control Panel Settings Scheduled Tasks Policy.
    1. The Group Policy is applied only to the ITS_ps_ba security group.
    2. The GPO is specifically denied application to the ITS_CMT security Group.
      1. This group's members are Administrative and manage the Tools manually as needed.
    3. The Scheduled Task is set to execute with a one minute delay on User group logon.
    4. The Task executes a Powershell Script.
      1. Maps required latest version path to lowest available Network drive persistently.
      2. Checks for required Software and installs if not found.
      3. Installs PeopleSoft Tools of the latest version in \Sysvol share.
      4. Required Oracle client for database access is left to user to manually install per their preference.
  4. The GPO manages a log file on the local computer: C:\Temp\PeopleSftUpdate.log .
    1. The Log file is checked and limited to max. 1500 lines from the latest entries.


GPO Files and Paths Required for Management of Process and Execution

    • Mapped Drive and Software Paths

      • "\\pssrv\PSUpg\AppDesigner\Tools_854_30"

        • The ending folder will change by version number.
      • "\\pssrv\ph92qa\ph92qa\setup\psvccrt\psvccrt_retail_x64.msi"
      • "\\pssrv\ph92qa\ph92qa\setup\psvccrt\psvccrt_retail.msi"
        • Visual Studio 2012 Retail Assemblies for PeopleSoft (Requirement)
        • Depending on version of Operating System x86 or x64
          • Future Installation may go to x64 only.
      • "\\pssrv\PsUpg\854_30_Tools_AppDesigner_Config.txt"
        • Install configuration file referenced in tool installation.
          • PS Tool administration created and unique to each version.
      • Manual Install Instructions Link , 8.55.14 Link
    • GPO Name: DCIS_PSoft_Upg_Task

        • Sysvol Storage Path of GPO ( Will need to be changed in Script if GPO is recreated)

          • \\\Sysvol\\Policies\{D66492B9-C219-45D9-A794-A024846C9756}\User\Preferences\ScheduledTasks
    • Files: DCIS Storage (\\Acadfs\Software$\Windows Applications\PeopleSoft Tools Upgrade GPO)

        • PeopleSoftUpg85430.ps1 (Unique to version) Link
        • BypssCrt.bat                     (Unique to Version)
        • PeopleHide.vbs


    •        Active Directory Security Groups

        • ITS_ps_ba : Group GPO to be applied to this user group
        • ITS_CMT    : Group to be explicitly Denied Application of Policy

GPO Changes to Temporarily Accommodate 8.55.14 ver. Password Encryption Key Change

  • Staggered Upgrade to Oracle PeopleSoft database requires two Active Versions of tools

      • A change to the Password Encryption key made the 8.54.30 and 8.55.14 versions incompatible.

      • PeopleSoft added an extra registry key to store the newer encryption key to allow dual version operation.
      • New Install Paths
        • "\\pssrv\PSUpg\AppDesigner\Tools_855_14"
        • "\\pssrv\PsUpg\855_14_Tools_AppDesigner_Config.txt"
        • 8.54.30 Registry Key
          • hklm:\Software\PeopleTools\Release8.40\Startup\ConnectPswd
      • Edited Work Flow Combining Both Version Scripts
        1. Check for install of 8.45.30 by mapped drive path. (If does not exist check for required VBasic (install if missing), map and install.
        2. Check for install of 8.55.14 by mapped drive. (If does not exist, map and install)
          1. This will cause new encryption key to overwrite 8.45.30 version.
        3. Check for 8.45.30 ConnectPswd key value, if incorrect import configuration file from 8.54.30 path
          1. Omit -setup switch and only use -import switch with "854_30_Tools_AppDesigner_Config.txt" path.
      • When 8.54.30 is retired and all switched to 8.55.14 the non combined script will be used again.
        • Production Live 4-26-2017


GPO Changes to enable 8.55.15 upgrade with coexistence with 8.55.14 and 8.54.30

  • Staggered Upgrade to Oracle PeopleSoft Tools database requires three Active versions of Tools

      • Added check for operating System type 32 or 62 bit.
        • 8.55.XX up does not support 32-bit windows. Only installs 8.54.30 on Windows 8.1 32-bit.
      • New Install Paths

        • "\\pssrv\PSUpg\AppDesigner\Tools_855_15"
        • "\\pssrv\PsUpg\855_15_Tools_AppDesigner_Config.txt"
      • Add check for existing mapped drive to 8.55.15 tools. (If does not exist, map and install)
        • Reapply 8.54.30 configuration to maintain coexistence with newer tools if needed..
      • Production Live 5-25-2017

GPO Changes to enable 8.55.17 and 8.55.21 with coexistence

    • Testing of latest PeopleSoft upgrade requires both versions active

        • Added removal of version 8.55.15 to existing removals.
        • New Install Paths (Substitute version end number of XX, eg.: 17 and 21)
          • "\\pssrv\PSUpg\AppDesigner\Tools_855_XX"
          • "\\pssrv\PsUpg\855_XX_Tools_AppDesigner_Config.txt"
        •  Will add removal of version 17 when advised.


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