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Wolfram Mathematica is a mathematical symbolic computation program, sometimes termed a computer algebra system or program, used in many scientific, engineering, mathematical, and computing fields.

For faculty/staff please first put in a request for Mathematica using this link:

Package Name: Wolfram-Mathematica_<version>_x64


Sequencing Wolfram-Mathematica with Microsoft App-V

  1. Download latest version of Wolfram-Mathematica and copy it to the desktop of the Sequencer: \\acadfs\mathematica$
  2. Start the Microsoft Application Virtualization Sequencer
  3. Create a New Virtual Application Package
  4. Select: Create Package (default)
  5. Select: Standard Application (default)
  6. Browse to the Wolfram-Mathematica Installer
  7. Name the package: Wolfram-Mathematica_<version>_x86 
  8. Follow the on screen Installation Instructions for the Wolfram-Mathematica installer. Select all defaults.
  9. Launch the application at the end of the installer and install any update packages that may be available.
  10. Once installation is complete select: I am finished installing, Next.
  11. In the Configure Software step select Wolfram-Mathematica and choose Run Selected and make sure to accept any agreement.

  1. Close the program and select Next on the Microsoft Application Virtualization Sequencer.
  2. Installation Report: Next
  3. Customization: Next
  4. Create Package: Create
  5. Create Package: Fill in the Description Box 
  6. Example: Sequenced by <your name here> on Windows 8.1 x64 using App-V 5.1 Sequencer
  7. Select: Create
  8. Copy the Completed Package to: \\\appvcontent$
  9. Shutdown the VM and revert to a clean state.
  10. Done

Installing Wolfram Mathematica

Navigate to \\acadfs\mathematica$

Choose the latest version

Double click Mathematica_9.0.1_WIN.exe


Click Run

Click Next

Click Next

Make sure "Install all components (recommended)" is selected

Click Next

Click Next

Click Install

Click Finish

Now open Mathematica, you will be presented with an activation screen upon first use

Contact the SCAN Team for the activation code

For the scan team, click the other ways to activate and click the server key, from there just enter in

Click Activate

Click accept agreement

Click OK

Now you are done

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