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  • Computer Object must be created in Active Directory (AD) in the correct Organizational Unit (OU)
  • When deploying UEFI the following BIOS settings need to be set (preferred method):
    • Enable UEFI
    • Enable SecureBoot in BIOS (If you have not updated your CloneDeploy USB recently it may not boot after enabling this setting. Rebuild USB to resolve this issue. See steps above. 7/6/2017)
    • Activate TPM in BIOS
    • Enable Virtualization Technology with (if available) Trusted Execution in BIOS
    • (Troubleshooting): If CloneDeploy cannot find a hard drive attached to this computer. In RAID settings set to AHCI in System Configuration and SATA options in BIOS
    • NOTE: RAID is not a supported configuration for CloneDeploy.
    • If using a USB Ethernet, register the adapter with a good hostname for that machine.
      • Be sure to delete the adaptor's record in CloneDeploy before imaging another machine or the machine will be bound with same name as the previously imaged machine. for deleting a computer object please see Deleting a Computer
  1. Boot your Computer via the Client Booth Method(USB or ISO)
  2. Select On Demand
  3. Login using your UID (New User)
  4. Select Deploy
  5. Choose the Image that you want to deploy.
  6. Image will deploy.


  1. Login to the WebUI using your UID (New User):
  2. Select Computers -> New
  3. Enter the Computer Name
  4. Enter the Computer MAC Address
  5. Select the Image you just created
  6. Select the default image profile
  7. Click Add Computer

Deleting a Computer
Deleting a Computer
Deleting a Computer

  1. Navigate to
  2. Select the Computers tab
    Image Added

  3. Search for the computer you wish to delete then select View
  4. In the drop down menu at the top right change the option from "Update Computer" to "Delete Computer"

    Image Added
  5. You will be asked if you do want to delete the computer object, select yes. The computer object is now deleted

Upload An Image

  1. Boot your Computer via the Client Booth Method (USB or ISO)
  2. Select On Demand
  3. Login using your UID (New User)
  4. Select Upload
  5. Enter computers Hostname (not the FQDN)
    Example: acaddev10 
  6. Press Enter to reboot.