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General Documentation

NAU implements both user authentication and authorization for access to web services. Authentication is accomplished via a single sign-on service known as Jasig CAS Project. Authorization is implemented via an additional layer known as "NAUauthZ" to control access to resources. This page will cover the aspects of how to install and implement this service for your web resources at NAU. For more information, please take a look at our CAS & NAUauthZ overview. CAS makes use of proxy authentication, see here for more information. For more information on how CAS works at NAU, take a look at a technical rundown of the basic workings of CAS.


We currently implement NAUauthZ authentication via 3 clients:


NAUauthZ for Apache is accomplished via a perl module
Apache NAUauthZ Install
Apache NAUauthZ Config (jan, dana, www2, nuxi, sapphire)


The NAUauthZ IIS Client is programmed in .net
IIS NAUauthZ Install
IIS NAUauthZ Config (IIS Version 5 and 6) (Servers www4, www5, www6)


The NAUAuthZ Java Client is a Java Servlet filter that handles the authentication and authorization of users. Overview of the flow of the NAUauthZ Java Filter
Java NAUauthZ Install
Java NAUauthZ Config (Tomcat 5.x 6.x, WebSphere, WebLogic)

NAUauthZ Authorization Rules

A large part of the authorization process is defining who has authorization. Here are some handy links to get you started...

NAUauthZ Authorization Rules

This page goes over the basic authorization rules currently allowed with NAUauthZ

NAUauthZ Authorization Rules Generator

This page dynamically helps you generate authorization rules.

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