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Due to the fact that students are marked as recent students after the end of a semeseter and until they are registered for class in the following semester, we cannot use anonymous lookups for LMS systems.

There are several LDAP attributes that must be looked at in order to determine if the person's real name should be displayed.

  • nauEduPublishCode: determines whether to publish any directory information regardless of primary affiliation
  • nauEduFERPARestrictPrefName: determines whether to publish student preferred name information
  • nauEduFERPARestrictPrimaryName: determines whether to publish student primary name information

The name information to be displayed should be taken from these fields:

First Name: givenName
Last Name: sn
Middle Name: middleName

Name information should only be displayed if the following condition is met

(nauEduPublishCode is null or 'Y') AND
(nauEduFERPARestrictPrefName is 'N') OR
((nauEduFERPARestrictPrimaryName is null or 'N') AND nauEduFERPARestrictPrefName is null)

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